Continuing its momentum with Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud initiatives, Oracle recently released Enterprise Data Management Cloud Service (EDMCS). Here are some initial impressions of the application to provide fundamental information and spark discussion.
  • Training Fees - $300
  • Duration - 20 Hours
  • Type - Online Training
  • Including - Course Material

Training by Realtime Expert trainer
Online virtual Classes available in the morning, evening, and weekend.

Course Description

It’s another master data management tool more like DRM i.e. Data Relationship Management. EDMCS is on the cloud and it offers a different vision on master data and data hierarchy management. When opportunities and potential challenges arise, the financial team pivots the needed data. EDMCS is designed to accommodate this cause or effect.

Oracle EnterpriseData Management Cloud EDMCS online training curriculum

  • Overview of EDMCS
  • On-premise DRM Vs EDMCS
  • Nodes & Types of Nodes
  • Node Types
  • Hierarchy Sets
  • Note Set
  • View & Viewpoint
  • Property
  • Request
  • Understanding Application Types
  • Understanding Registering Applications
  • Understanding Dimensions
  • Understanding Modifying Applications
  • Importing Dimensions
  • Exporting Dimensions
  • EDMCS focuses to bring data from the source i.e. from individual applications and drop off on
  • Registering Planning Applications
  • Registering Cubes, Application Settings, and Dimensions
  • Predefined Properties for Planning Applications
  • Importing Planning Dimensions Exporting Planning Dimensions Working with Oracle Financials Cloud General Ledger Applications
  • Registering Oracle Financials Cloud General Ledger Applications
  • Registering Segments and Trees
  • Applying Registration Changes
  • Predefined Properties for Oracle Financials Cloud General Ledger Applications
  • Importing Oracle Financials Cloud General Ledger Dimensions
  • Exporting Oracle Financials Cloud General Ledger Dimensions
  • Registering a Custom Application
  • Adding, Removing, or Modifying a Custom Application Dimension
  • Custom Dimension Import and Export Settings
  • Adding or Modifying a Node Type for a Custom Dimension
  • Importing a Custom Application Dimension
  • Exporting a Custom Application Dimension
  • Creating View & Viewpoints
  • Inspecting & Downloading a Viewpoint
  • Sharing the data between viewpoints
  • Comparing Viewpoints
  • Alternate Viewpoint
  • Subscription
  • Mapping Viewpoint
  • Archiving & Deleting View & Viewpoint
  • Making Changes Interactively through Request
  • Making Changes Using a Load File
  • Action code for Load Request file
  • Inspecting Requests
  • Creating User & Groups
  • EDMCS Component Level Security
  • Security
  • Workflow Stages
  • Approval Process & Process Flow
  • Daily Maintenance & Migration